ZTE Zmax: AnTuTu 5.1 Test

I was lucky to stumble across a T-Mobile store with a working ZTE Zmax.

Since all of the Android sites I monitor haven’t bothered to review it yet — what the hell are they all waiting for? the new iPhones were reviewed faster! — I decided to do my own damn AnTuTu test on it.

Good thing they had it set up to access the Play Store! Whatever version was available at the Play Store yesterday is the one I was able to get.


When the bar graph came up, there was no score. I had to scroll down to the next screen!


And that’s about what I expected as the score.



What’s surprising is that I forgot to shut down everything that was open before doing the text. Only afterwards did I check — and there were over ten things open! That might have affected the 3D test, which looked more like a series of slides than smooth animation.

Now the video:

Previously here:

ZTE Zmax: Size Comparison
ZTE Announces US$250 5.7-Inch Phone

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