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CDC’s Frieden Makes Claim. This Is So No One Forgets.

Putting this here:

And as a screensnap to defeat revisionism:


Anyone can set a goal. Delivering is hard.

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FTC Disclosure Updated

FTC Disclosure

October 5, 2014 Update: From time-to-time — and it will be rare — I will post about a Kickstarter campaign or other fundraiser. See this and this as examples. When that happens, unless I say so in the post itself, I have no connection to the funds being raised other than being interested in the product or cause. If you’ve reached this point in the post, you should have understood that by now.

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Help Defend Free Speech

This is important and will remain a Sticky post for three days. Scroll down one for new posts.

Ellora’s Cave Sues Dear Author

Basically, a pioneer in eBooks for women let the money go to her head and she has been screwing her writers out of their earnings. The publisher is suing the blogger — Jane Litte of Dear Author — because her site is prominent in the field. The suit is intended to intimidate everyone.

(Sidebar to that publisher: HA! HA! HA! Fuck you. Discovery will bury you.)

There’s a formal term for this kind of lawsuit: SLAPP.

I would like everyone reading this to slap back.

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Kathy Sierra


And it wasn’t good. Within minutes I knew: Kathy’s Gone Again

I know who wore her down. I saw the exchange after some searching. Like Tim, I won’t publish the name.

There are times I really wish to witness this.

Bastards must pay.

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Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm: Onward To Funding A Pilot!


Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm – Filmed in Ultramarionation

It’s exceeded its initial goal of raising £49,280. But that’s just for a “minisode.”

If funds continue, they could go to a full-blown pilot.

Meanwhile, here are the Stretch Goals before then.

Still 28 days to go.

Same-day update after the break.

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The HP Death Spiral Begins In Public

Like I couldn’t see this coming.

The PC and printer division is incompatible with the Cloud Vision of Coporate-focused HP.

Ever since they stabbed webOS in the back and dumped it, this was the endgame for everything made for regular people.

They’re not going to have any good luck with the “consumer” spin-off unless they dump the HP name. It’s become poison. With their new low-end tablet focus, they’ve become an embarrassment to the once-prestigious HP name that created things such as the iPaq Pocket PC.

Same-day update: Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two [WSJ paywall]


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Ployer MOMO8W Gets A Review


Over at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

This is an eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablet with an Intel Z3735F CPU at 1.33GHz and a peak frequency of 1.83Ghz. It’s unlike all other such Windows tablets in two respects: It pairs 2GBs of RAM with just 16GBs of internal storage (not 32). And it lacks any HDMI-out port.

It sells locally for 499 yuan, which is US$81.

From a performance point of view there are no surprises in the review. After installing the Office Suite, there’s just 3GBs of internal storage left. And the back camera — which is just 2MP — is described as “better than nothing.”

Previously here:

Ployer To Do Eight-Inch Windows Tablet

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