CDC’s Frieden Makes Claim. This Is So No One Forgets.

Putting this here:

And as a screensnap to defeat revisionism:


Anyone can set a goal. Delivering is hard.

Same-day update:

So it turns out Frieden tweeted that to undercut what he said earlier:

Health officials clam up about effort to contain Ebola in Texas

Frieden also said that, in theory, a sneeze or cough could spread the virus from someone experiencing Ebola symptoms. 

Officials had previously downplayed this possibility, focusing on direct contact with bodily fluids. 

“There are certainly theoretical situations where someone sneezes … and you touch your eyes or mouth or nose,” and catch the virus from any transmitted particles, he said. 

“[But] realistically you can say what may be theoretically possible as opposed to what actually happens in the real world,” he added.

Oh wonderful…

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