Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm: Onward To Funding A Pilot!


Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm – Filmed in Ultramarionation

It’s exceeded its initial goal of raising £49,280. But that’s just for a “minisode.”

If funds continue, they could go to a full-blown pilot.

Meanwhile, here are the Stretch Goals before then.

Still 28 days to go.

Same-day update after the break.

Puppet plan goes down a Firestorm

“Something in the region of £100,000 would make a really good pilot episode. The sheer expense involved in creating something like this is crazy.”


If a six-figure total is reached, a 22-minute pilot episode would be created and sent off to television channels, distributors and online organisations, which might then agree to a series.

“The ideal scenario would be for us to exceed our goal by a long way, make the pilot episode, people love it and the executives at Netflix see it and want this to happen,” said Jamie.

Make it so!

Previously here:

Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm


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