Help Defend Free Speech

This is important and will remain a Sticky post for three days. Scroll down one for new posts.

Ellora’s Cave Sues Dear Author

Basically, a pioneer in eBooks for women let the money go to her head and she has been screwing her writers out of their earnings. The publisher is suing the blogger — Jane Litte of Dear Author — because her site is prominent in the field. The suit is intended to intimidate everyone.

(Sidebar to that publisher: HA! HA! HA! Fuck you. Discovery will bury you.)

There’s a formal term for this kind of lawsuit: SLAPP.

I would like everyone reading this to slap back.


Dear Author/Jane Litte Defense Fund

If you appreciate this blog, contribute something to that fund. I don’t care if you PayPal just one damn buck. It would be appreciated by Jane, by me, and by every other writer on the Net. We shouldn’t be pushed around by bullies, crooks, corporations, or anyone else.

Thank you.

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One response to “Help Defend Free Speech

  1. Dan Meadows

    I’m just surprised there’s anyone out there who think suits like that will work in this day and age and not lead directly to the person filing one looking even worse. You’re totally right about discovery. I got wrapped up in a similar suit around the turn of the century (ours wasn’t libel, it was a giant competitor trying to sue a small independent out off business with a frivolous lawsuit) and we hammered them with what we dug up in discovery then deposing their executives to the point that their own lawyers eventually recommended they drop the suit before it did any more damage. The law of unintended consequences in legal actions. You may be the one suing but those rules cut both ways. Don’t ever bring in the authorities or the courts unless your own back yard is clean. If EC has competent legal representation, I suspect this one will be dropped before it ever gets to the point of responding to discovery.

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