The HP Death Spiral Begins In Public

Like I couldn’t see this coming.

The PC and printer division is incompatible with the Cloud Vision of Coporate-focused HP.

Ever since they stabbed webOS in the back and dumped it, this was the endgame for everything made for regular people.

They’re not going to have any good luck with the “consumer” spin-off unless they dump the HP name. It’s become poison. With their new low-end tablet focus, they’ve become an embarrassment to the once-prestigious HP name that created things such as the iPaq Pocket PC.

Same-day update: Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two [WSJ paywall]


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4 responses to “The HP Death Spiral Begins In Public

  1. scheblein

    It will be sold to China just like the IBM PC line was.

    • Heh. Three hours ago on Twitter I wrote:

      >>>So… will there be a Chinese company to buy that part of HP?


      >>I think they already tried to sell it and no one would buy.

  2. I think you mean the iPAQ? Which actually came about because of their acquisition of Compaq. I sold the earliest models of Compaq’s iPAQ back in 2000 or 2001 ..

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