The Nexus 9 Leak Whirligig

It’s 16:9. No, it’s 4:3. No, 16:10. It’s 4:3, dammit.

Well, this looks 4:3 to me:


But @stroughtonsmith disagrees, saying it looks more like 10:7.

When will all the teasing stop and the announcement invites be sent out?

Is this the Google Nexus 9 tablet?

Previously here:

New Nexus Tablet Is 4:3?
Rumored Nexus 8


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2 responses to “The Nexus 9 Leak Whirligig

  1. E.T.

    Maybe they’ll go for an irrational choice like pi/2 …

  2. MocciJ

    Rumours seems to point to 3:2, which I never saw in any tablet beside the Surface 3.

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