Adobe Digital Editions Is Spyware

Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries

Now I wonder if Apple’s iBooks software collects data? I know that Kobo does — otherwise they couldn’t give out their steenkin’ badges.

Same-day update: Another confirmation:

I’m waiting for Abobe to use as their defense the possibility of a Cloud Library: “This is a test for backing up a reader’s information.”

Which won’t fly.

Because what the hell are they doing touching ePubs without their rotten DRM?

And if they’re scanning an entire hard drive and not just the designated ADE folder, they should have their fingers broken.

I hope lawsuits will fly and that even State Attorneys General will get involved.


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5 responses to “Adobe Digital Editions Is Spyware

  1. Ian

    We all have to make sacrifices for the war on terrorism. /sarcasm mode off.

  2. bobb

    My public library uses adobe overdrive for ebooks.
    One of the permissions is to access the phone features of your device, this includes your phone number, whether a call is active and the remote number connected, it needs this why?
    I use permissions denied app and disable these features for overdrive

  3. Eric

    Arstechnica have been following this too.

    From the article.

    Update, 6:23 PM ET: An Adobe spokesperson now says the company is working on an update. “In terms of the transmission of the data collected, Adobe is in the process of working on an update to address this issue,” the spokesperson said in an email to Ars Technica. “We will notify you when a date for this update has been determined.”

    And from the comments section

    Sean GallagherIT Editor
    SageBrush wrote:
    The Digital Reader stated that DE4 phone-home reporting sweeps up all epub on the computer, not just under control of DE4. Can you confirm that?

    I’ll need more EPUB files to confirm—the only ones I had were in our test library. I’ll update when I have more details.

    I’ve looked. After adding some files to the system, DE did not “scan” them until they were added to the library. So it’s not searching the drive for EPUB docs not added to its own library, as far as I can tell.

    • Basically Adobe is saying, “We will encrypt our spying. Go back to sleep.” It shouldn’t touch ePubs that lack its DRM.

      • Eric

        The spying is the issue really. Adobe cannot control what people put in their ADE library. What I expect to happen is Adobe will push out an update that totally stops all spying activity with a hand wringing apology.

        The ADE update after that will reintroduce the spying in the T&C that no one reads anyway and business as usual.

        I presume they are selling this data or giving it to whichever company you purchased the book from.

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