China eBook Software

PCPop has an article with “recommended” (most popular?) eBook reading apps [Google Translate].


Support for Web, iPad, Android, Kindle, and other platforms.

I’m intrigued by the claim that Watercress can do Kindle format eBooks. Do they really mean DRM-free MobiPocket?


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2 responses to “China eBook Software

  1. Ric Day

    I suspect the software is actually a number of individual apps for rendering the books, overlaid by a simple “home” interface which could show the user all the books installed.

    A single app to render all the claimed formats would be a nightmare to code and maintain.

    Just two formats, iBooks and Amazon’s MobiPocket, are sufficiently different in structure (where elements are stored in the master file) that I would expect a single “universal” reader would choke on the code.

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