New iFive Air Images

Via Weibo communiqué:







Weird top right of the tablet’s back. Something to allow WiFi to work better with the all-metal back?

It’s still not listed on Five Technology’s site.

Previously here:

Five Technology Teases iFive Air Tablet


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5 responses to “New iFive Air Images

  1. new player and the first rk3288 in a 9,7″ tablet
    it´s very good
    now we have v989 vs p89 air vs x89 air vs this one

  2. Emrah Orhan Mutku

    i hope there will 3G version for this, if not, will be a big disappointment for me

    • I’m not sure if that’s possible. The Pipo P1 with RK3288 accomplishes 3G through the use of a Huawei UltraStick. Rockchip might be unveiling new CPUs shortly at the Fall Hong Kong Electronics Fair — and they understand they have to catch up with offering 3G and 4G. So maybe you’d have to wait for an iFive Air 2 or another tablet.

      • Emrah Orhan Mutku

        you may be right, i just thought that after Pipo P1 with RK3288 and 3G, iFive could use the same hardware. The only reason i didnt buy Teclast X98 Air 3G yet, was this iFive Air tablet and RK3288 chip :) well, we will see very soon.

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