TV: The Flash, Episode One







This originates from The CW, an American broadcast TV network that specializes in catering to teens — and perhaps younger too.

I suppose if I was eleven years old, I would have been somewhat impressed — even though I wouldn’t have liked a superhero who was solitary in a comic book suddenly being surrounded by a support team. (The entire point of finding solace in superheroes is to identify with someone no one can understand who can also kick the shit out of bullies and therefore be adored by everyone who otherwise ignores or dismisses you.)

I have no idea if this will be a success or not. It’s just not for me.

I won’t be watching more.


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2 responses to “TV: The Flash, Episode One

  1. I liked today’s Arrow better.

  2. Martin

    I been watching Arrow since the first ep. in the same network , is much more dark for my taste ..and i liked a lot…I saw the flash pilot ,I agree with you,I prefer a much darker taste for me. Lets see .

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