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Ebola Nightmares

Up front: Shove your accusations of “panic mongering.” Someone has to ask these damn questions.

UK Ebola case feared after British man dies in Macedonia

A British man suspected of having contracted Ebola has died in Macedonia.

The UK Foreign Office said it was urgently investigating the reports.

A British citizen travelling with the unnamed man said they had not been to any areas affected by the deadly virus, a Macedonian government spokesman said.


Later the government spokesman said the man’s travelling companion told the authorities they had travelled directly from the UK to Skopje.

Did he get it from the plane? If someone with Ebola gets bodily fluids onto a plane, is that plane then “hot” and able to transfer the virus to other passengers who happen to touch an infected surface?

And really, you better hope it was the plane that was “hot.” Because if it wasn’t, then there’s someone out there with communicable Ebola no one knows about.

Update: It wasn’t Ebola at all: British ‘Ebola victim’ in Macedonia did NOT have the disease and died after massive drinking binge, health officials say

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has a 13 inch screen, and a built-in projector

Intel Z3745, 2GBs RAM, 32GBs internal storage, and a 13.3-inch QHD screen — 2560 x 1600 1440 pixels.

And a wild sound system and built-in projector.

Can’t wait to try the Google Books PDF test on that!

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ROOT Master Adds iFive Mini 3GS

From the 5Fans forum comes news that ROOT Master has added the iFive Mini 3GS to its rooting repertoire [Google Translate].


ROOT Master will also assist in rooting a variety of MediaTek 6592-based devices. The download and addition information is at the mgyun forum [Google Translate]. Note that the Haier G782 is the iFive Mini 3GS and so it might work with that too.

Previously here:

iFive Mini 3GS: Root With MIUI, Change Boot Logo
iFive Mini 3GS: Root Achieved
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Xiaomi: Six Million Per Month

Weibo communiqué:


I supposed “units” means phones, but I have to wonder since Xiaomi also sells the MiPad. That’s not being factored in?

I’m beginning to wonder if Xiaomi will ever come to America or if a desperate Samsung will start cutting prices and become the new Xiaomi?

And then there’s ZTE, which seems to have done the right thing with the Zmax.

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Vido Teases Its “Surface Mini” W8S Tablet Again

Weibo communiqué:


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iFive Air Promo Video

Five Technology has posted a promo video for the iFive Air to Youku. I’ve ripped it to YouTube and it’s after the break.

Some screensnaps first.


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