Thunderbirds Are Go: First Word

Variety: Mipcom: ‘Thunderbirds Are Go,’ Starring Rosamund Pike, Takes Off in Cannes

C21Media: Thunderbirds get going at MipJunior

mipblog: Liveblog: “Thunderbirds Are Go” World Premiere TV Screening

Giles Ridge, executive producer of the show and SVP of content and brand development at ITV, talked before the screening, stressing the fact that his teams had been working on the projects for years

Boldfaced in the original.

So Gerry was betrayed for years. Bastards.

After the break, the first review.

The Guardian: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Thunderbirds Are Go! as ITV remake launches with a bang

Based on the evidence of the episode shown at MIPJunior, even the most sceptical fans of the original show won’t be tempted to describe Thunderbirds Are Go! as crap.

The plot sees the Tracys exploring a disused mine showing a worrying radiation levels, where – and you may want to sit down for this revelation – they get more than they bargained for.

The set pieces are very good: from Thunderbirds 1 and 2 blasting out of Tracy Island and screaming across the ocean to Scott Tracy being whirled around by a killer robot.

The little touches are noticeable too though: some nifty Minority Report-style computer visualisations back at base, with nods to the show’s history – the first “F.A.B.” comes about five minutes in – without feeling overly shackled by it.

Judging by the episode shown in Cannes, the decision to combine computer animation and real model sets has paid off.

Having been shown in a roomful of industry people, no photos have leaked out of the actual episode.

We don’t know what anything really looks like aside from the ridiculous PR images that have been stingily doled out so far.

At post time, we still have this long to wait:


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3 responses to “Thunderbirds Are Go: First Word

  1. Martin

    Normaly the guardian is very fair in the tv critics, but why we didn’t see any trailer yet????? I was very excited until the cgi foto. Now I think you were right all along. I remember the marionettes sweat in accion sequences ,it was so fun,you can’t do that with cgi…

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