Alleged Nexus 9 AnTuTu Score

Weibo communiqué:


That’s three days old, but I haven’t come across it anywhere else.



If that’s to be believed, the tablet is 16:10 aspect ratio. My excitement over it was already tempered when I recalled that Google doesn’t put microSD card slots in its hardware.

In a separate post, the AnTuTu people speculate that low score for the Tegra K1 Kepler CPU and Android L combo was due to unoptimized software (use Chrome or drop link into Bing Translator).

If all the rumors are true, it should be formally revealed this week.

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9 responses to “Alleged Nexus 9 AnTuTu Score

  1. MocciJ

    It’s 16:9. My hopes are still high though: Google can’t be so narrow minded to not engage 16:10. Even Samsung got it with the newer models. What’s the point in having an nVidia CPU+GPU powerhouse when 16:9 is obviously suited to watching videos mostly? With its expected price tag it would compete with the Galaxy Tab S and the second hand iPads: the former is top notch regarding videos with its amoled screen (objectively better), the latter has that sweet 4:3 + useful app selection for everything else. It will be either an huge hit or an huge let down.

  2. richfinck

    My experience with Android and SD cards is poor. Some apps won’t run from card. Droid I had ram was full card was 3/4 empty. Over rated feature. That 45k is out of sight. Waiting to see real McCoy.

  3. It should be 16:9.
    2560 / 1440 = 1.777 = 16 / 9.

    Antutu favors processors with many cores, and K1 64-bit only has two. But in practise it’s probably better to have two powerful cores, than eight not-that-powerful cores.

  4. MocciJ

    It finally came!
    …in a 2048×1536 4:3 ratio, no SD card expansion and the SAME PRICE TAG as the iPad Air. One must really love the Android ecosystem to go with it.

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