Surprise! Two Teclast X98 Air Tablets With Windows!

Thanks to Vladimir Burnin in Comments for pointing it out. It’s listed at the Chinese Teclast site.

They’re not calling it the Teclast X98 Air II With Windows, but it uses the same Intel Z3736F as the Air II, with a peak frequency of 2.16GHz.


This is the first 9.7-inch tablet Teclast has produced with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. Prior tablets were Android-based and required an onerous firmware download and installation.

IMP3Net has some press material [Google Translate].

The official Tmall page (sales begin on the 15th).

And, hark! Teclast has also added a Windows edition of the X98 Air (non-3G version) to their Chinese site and Tmall. This model has the Intel Z3735D with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz.

My head is beginning to spin trying to keep straight all of the Teclast tablets.

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7 responses to “Surprise! Two Teclast X98 Air Tablets With Windows!

  1. Eric

    Man, on xda developers many guys have install windows 8.1 on Teclast Air 3G with preinstaled android. Also GPS and 3G working on Windows mode. Only dual boot is need.

  2. Leo

    Would love to see a test of the Z3736F running Windows 8

  3. Im trying to re install windows 8.1 x64, since it was originally installed with 32 bit. Can seem to get usb boot to work from the uefi.

  4. Huzaishysy

    Been researching on this tab for awhile now. The main language would be English or Mandarin / Cantonese? And would like to know any other minus points of this tab, on your personal opinion?


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