Teclast X89HD Gets Faster CPU, Drops HD In Name


It seems to be the same as the X89HD except the CPU has been upgraded to the Z3736F at 2.16GHz peak frequency.


The official Tmall page (sales begin on the 15th).

IMP3Net has press material [Google Translate].

The tablet listing at Teclast’s Chinese site.

As the X89HD, it suffered from too much heat — which caused apps not to respond — and short battery life. With a faster CPU, will those problems worsen? Or did Teclast do an interior redesign?

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4 responses to “Teclast X89HD Gets Faster CPU, Drops HD In Name

  1. Mario

    And it has a HDMI-Port…nice :)

    I hope there will be real tests in the near future.

  2. Bernard

    there is no HDMI

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