It’s Time For Apple To Copy Xiaomi

So many words have been written about Xiaomi copying Apple.

But there’s one way Apple should be copying Xiaomi.


Today, October 15, Lei Jun of Xiaomi found time to send out eight Weibos. He responded to customer suggestions, praise, looked at user photos and videos, and more. He actually read Weibo.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook of Apple …


… hasn’t sent out anything since October 4. And the tweet was really about himself.

Maybe if Tim Cook paid more attention to Twitter, he’d be aware of all of the problems people have with Apple products and services and get a clue of how they could be improved instead of continuing to aggravate people.

But the main difference here is that Apple continues to sit on more cash than it knows what to do with and so can afford to be smug. For now.

Meanwhile, Lei Jun of Xiaomi sees the entire world still open as a fresh market and is hungry for it.

What did Steve Jobs say?


It’s time for Apple to stop being foolish and to get hungry again.

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