More About Ebola

October 5:

October 15:

So the second infected person not only traveled while having a fever, but the plane was sent to other destinations before being cleaned.

Are they asking people who are infected if they sneezed in public?

Africa is inching towards ten thousand cases of Ebola. It should have never, ever gotten like this. How can it ever be controlled with that many infected? Try to imagine ten thousand people. That’s a small city. As cruel as this hard truth is, the only hope for the world is for quarantine and quick deaths to isolate it. Unless the rare treatment is ramped up to save people — but how long would dispensing that take and how many new cases would pop up in the meantime? The negligent response when there were few cases has doomed many people to awful and unnecessary deaths.

The American Constitution forbids our troops being active domestically. However, I would support USAMRIID getting involved to stop this. The CDC is not working properly.

This should not be our future:

And despite what the media claims, there’s no “panic” out here in the real world. There is disgust and outrage over how it’s been handled from the beginning.

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