Nexus 9: Hands-On In Vietnam

How does Tinhte sometimes manage to scoop everyone else?

Today they have many pictures of and a report on the Nexus 9 [Google Translate].

It’s quite gorgeous.


And to be clear:

Nexus 9 does not support external memory card and you have 2 options for internal memory is 16GB and 32GB.


Tinhte is not a fan of the wide top and bottom (portrait) bezels. They believe they add to the weight and make the tablet heavier than it should be.


1Pad said it looks like the Xiaomi MiPad.


In a way, it does. But it doesn’t have the awful slippery plastic iPhone 5c-like back of the MiPad.


I’m not sure about that keyboard. Looks shallow.


They had the black and white versions.


I really want to see the “Sand” color one.

Many more pictures at the site.

Despite its high price, this will probably be one of the best-selling Android tablets. The experts at XDA Developers are bound to adopt in in droves and release rooting tools and custom ROMs. So having that extra dimension of support might be worth the price.

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12 responses to “Nexus 9: Hands-On In Vietnam

  1. Thomas

    Unfortunately Google/HTC has been the only one willing to produce a 4:3 tablet for Android that is of good quality and spec’s. I have been keeping my eye on iFive and others but the shortcuts and cost cutting costing those guys from truly taking off.
    So, I will be going with this one come pre-order.

  2. Mikestroh

    I’ll be buying one of these as well……I’m not a fan of the introductory pricing for the 16G….32G should have been 399 and then offer a 64G one for the current $479 pricing instead since they do lack SD card slots……IMO.

  3. It does look beautiful. Soooo hard to resist – I might have to buy it.

  4. It looks like this is the one, even though the price is more than what I wanted to pay. The quality and support factor greatly offsets the cost savings of any Pipo, Cube, Teclast, Onda tablet. This in a way makes me mad at the Chinese tablet manufacturers, they had the potential to challenge the ‘status quo’. Instead they succumbed to mediocrity. Producing sub-par 10 versions of 1 tablet, instead of getting focusing on getting 1 tablet to work. Its a damn same.

    • I don’t like conspiracies but the Chinese companies could probably get away with it. They should all get together and divide up the market. One company does 7-inch, one 8.9-inch, one 9.7-inch, one 10.1-inch, as examples. That way, each one could concentrate on doing the best damn tablet — instead of twenty, as they do.

      • I know that generally Chinese people are very good at working together for one cause but I don’t think it will happen here. This Chinese ‘tablet-war’ is about supremacy; being King of the Hill.

        I think the declared winner will be the one who gets a firm foot-hold in the American market, most likely Huawei, maybe Xiaomi. Even though they we know that Apple’s IP lawyers are waiting in ambush for the first one to make it

    • E.T.

      This reminds me of the PC compatible era of the 80s.

  5. Ben

    Not sure if you’ve seen this link Mike but it appears these 64 bit k1 cores smoke even the latest Apple processor:

    This bodes extremely well for your Google books PDF test. I’m extremely interested to see how the performance is here compared to iOS. If there is notable sluggishness I suppose we’d have to chalk it down to OS optimisation at this point

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