Intel CPU Cheatsheet

In an article about CPUs, ZOL published this cheatsheet to quickly figure out which Intel CPU is what [Google Translate]:


And a chart:


ZOL writes:

The biggest difference is the last one named, strong performance without suffix are dual channel LPDDR3-1067, the maximum capacity of 4GB . Z3735D, Z3745D and Z3775D are single-channel 64 of DDR3L-RS-1333, maximum 2GB . Z3735E reduced to a single channel 32, the maximum capacity of 1GB . Z3735F, Z3735G specifications respectively Z3735D, Z3735E almost exactly the same, but the package is slightly different, Z3735F, Z3735G using third-class package (592 contacts), the other is a fourth class (1380 contacts), pin spacing greater, but lost some IO specifications, directly reflected in terms of the number of interfaces. Scene Design Power has 2.0 / 2.2W two kinds.


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3 responses to “Intel CPU Cheatsheet

  1. Leo

    Argh why didn’t they include the 3736?

  2. MacArthur

    The table isn’t exactly correct. The Z3735F is listed as an Android only CPU but it’s used in many dual boot devices like the Teclast X80H/HD for example. Or am I missing something?

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