Xiaomi MiPad Versus Nexus 9 And iPad Mini 3

Via Weibo, Xiaomi has sent out two comparison charts, pitting its MiPad against the new Nexus 9 and iPad Mini 3.

See them after the break.


MiPad uses 32-bit version of K1 CPU; Nexus 9 uses 64-bit. MiPad offers a version with 64GBs of internal storage; Nexus 9 maxes at 32GBs. MiPad has a microSD card slot that can accept a 128GB card; Nexus 9 has no card slot. MiPad has a 7.9-inch screen; Nexus 9 has 8.9-inch. MiPad has MIUI 6 over 32-bit Android 4.4; Nexus 9 will have pure 64-bit Android 5.0 Lollipop. The MiPad has 5MP front and 8MP back cameras; the Nexus 9 has 1.6MP front and 8MP back cameras. A 64GB MiPad costs about US$278 (direct from Xiaomi; middlemen will increase that price); a 32GB Nexus 9 will cost US$479.


The iPad Mini 3 is the iPad Mini 2 with Touch ID added. Interestingly, this second chart confirms that the MiPad K1 CPU is the 32-bit version. This chart, unlike the first, wasn’t created by Xiaomi (the Copyright notice at bottom indicates that).



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5 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad Versus Nexus 9 And iPad Mini 3

  1. MocciJ

    Apart from the diagonal, there’s really little reasons to pick the nexus instead of the mipad. For 1 inch gain the sd slot goes away and the price inflates a lot.

    • 64-bit CPU, 64-bit Android Lollipop, pure Android, at least 10K more AnTuTu point performance, XDA Developers support, to name a few. And for people outside of China, the Nexus 9 is easier to buy and fewer problems if an exchange is needed.

      • Clancy

        This is basically why I’ll be getting the Nexus 9. Without a doubt someone on XDA will port MIUI V6 to it (if that was a reason you were getting a MiPad) and I do like the extra inch of screen real estate. Really wish it was a 9.7″ screen and had Micro SD though!

  2. Do you know when xiaomi will launch in India?

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