Onda Adds An 8.9-Inch Windows Tablet

Weibo communiqué:


With everyone else announcing 8.9-inch tablets, I guess Onda couldn’t shut up about theirs until the October 21 unveiling.





In their Weibo, Onda is pointing to IMP3Net, which ran press material that doesn’t provide any real information [Google Translate].


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11 responses to “Onda Adds An 8.9-Inch Windows Tablet

  1. I wish at least one of these 8.9 tablets had a 2k screen like the amazon fire hdx.

  2. alan

    Can you update the Windows 8.1 operating system direct from the Microsoft Update site with the Chinese made Windows 8.1 tablets ????

  3. dey

    Hello Mike
    can you confirm this tablet battery capacity?
    some websites list it as 5000mAh and some say 7800. I look up on taobao and tmall but theres no information.

    read the user evaluation #4 http://detail.m.tmall.com/item.htm?id=41698813714

    looks cheap and the camera label is upside down!

  4. dey

    sorry, it’s number 5

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