Teclast X89HD Repair Returned With New Damage

Someone sent in their month-old Teclast X89HD for repair and it was returned with new damage [Google Translate]:


When a domestic tablet maker screws up like that, it usually creates a pile-on. This time too.

One forum poster said: Teclast tablets run very hot, Onda tablets have short battery life, and Pipo tablets have problems with charging.

Another added: He’ll never buy products from Vido, Onda, or Teclast.

China tablet makers have a bad reputation to overcome.


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3 responses to “Teclast X89HD Repair Returned With New Damage

  1. Klaus

    Is there any recommended manufacturer? I have a Chuwi Tab so far and it’s definitely ok considering the price. From what I’ve read and seen in teardown pics Teclast seems to have a better layout and build quality compared to others… Maybe I’m getting the Air 3G to find out^^ only thing I remember never buy Onda or Ramos ;)

    • All China tablet makers are the luck of the draw. They don’t do excellent QC, have miserable customer service, and if you’re outside China you’re basically putting your money down on a lottery bet.

  2. I have a teclast x89hd,the tablet runs hot,with battery drain like hell!!! I have email to teclast service about my problems with the tablet but the only answer I got is to lower the speed of the CPU and switch it to “on demand” which I have made..still no kitkat support…
    No reply from teclast,I think I sent about 8 emails!!!!
    Users of the teclast x98 3g with kitkat report that their tablet improved the heat and battery.hope for a miracle for x89hd.

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