The “Air” Version: Pipo P1+ Announced

After being rumored several months ago, Pipo has announced an “Air” version of their P1 tablet, called the Pipo P1+, via Weibo communiqué:


They point to their forum for details, from which I took these images [Google Translate]:

Pipo P1Plus001

Pipo P1Plus002

Pipo P1Plus002b

Pipo P1Plus003

With its massive 9,800mAh battery, it’s clear why they didn’t give this an “Air” designation. It’s not bound to be “Air” light. Plus, the portrait-orientation side bezels are still very wide.

The big thing is its use of the second-generation of Huawei UltraStick. It’s unknown if this new UltraStick is compatible with the original Pipo P1 — or if the stick itself is bundled with the P1+.

It might be too early to tell, but I’m not seeing Volume buttons in those pictures.

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4 responses to “The “Air” Version: Pipo P1+ Announced

  1. giouncino

    pipo is finally going on the right direction…
    It’s still behind the competitors (in my opinion) in terms of design, display and probably weight (due to the big bezel)

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