Charbax Gets Pipo P1+ On Video

Charbax of gets it first again. A video of the new Pipo P1+, at his site or after the break.

Some screensnaps:


Interestingly, it was revealed that HDMI-out is handled via the microUSB port.





What’s weird is that it looks like the front-facing camera is on the bottom. Or the rear-facing camera is, depending on how it’s held.

Bonus. A ginormous 11.6-inch tablet:




And now the video:

Previously here:

Same Design: Vido M11Pro, Pipo P1+
The “Air” Version: Pipo P1+ Announced


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4 responses to “Charbax Gets Pipo P1+ On Video

  1. Andy

    I wonder if (and when) Pipo finally stops using those ridiculously additional power cables …why the heck don’t they use the mini USB cable like everyone else?

  2. giouncino

    They use custom power cables because of the use of 9V chargers. This lead to faster cherging time and impossibility to use micro usb (rated at 5V).
    This is the ONLY thing I appreciate of this brand!
    Problems of Pipo are others….

  3. Maarten

    Pipo always has some really nice looking product. Especially the 10.1 inch LTE tablet (without a name) looks really nice. Unfortunately I have one of the very first Pipo M9 Max and there’s no software support whatsoever so it’s pretty bad (although it has a RK3188)… Maybe it’s better to choose a brand that has limited products but good support over a brand with many products but little support.

  4. Ken English

    The Pill T9 charges via its own charger brick or via mini usb with 30 days standby on the battery :-)

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