Goodbye, Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

Photos taken yesterday, October 20, 2014.


Another bookstore in Manhattan is dead.


It was the only store I knew of — that I’d personally been in — that stocked paperbacks by Ed Wood, Jr., several by Dennis Potter usually available only in England, and a bunch of obscure books you’d never find at a mainstream store like Barnes & Noble or Borders.

But that didn’t save them from the eBook revolution. The place was basically a ghost town for the past two years. I was last inside way back in 2008, where my aversion to paper books reared up and prevented me from buying a paper book that I would have liked to have.



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One response to “Goodbye, Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

  1. Eric

    My push to eBooks was the atrocious service I received from the bookstores in my area.
    Taking deposits to order books then not ordering them, any successful order would take two months. When phone ordering technical books for work they would assure me they are in stock and take payment then take months to order from overseas.

    The store was in another town and I finally buttonholed the manager about the poor service and he said “So?” I then mentioned I could order from overseas and have the items in two weeks. The response was “Do it then” I did and they were out of business 6 months later. When my friends complain about the lack of bookshops I have no sympathy for them.

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