Teclast Dual-System X98 Air 3G: The Scam

Just four days after notifying everyone that they selected one hundred “exclusive” people to get the new Android-Windows dual-system Teclast X98 Air 3G, Teclast announces this today via Weibo communiqué:


So Teclast wound people up into a frenzy, saying there were just one hundred of the dual-system X98 Air 3G — and then just four days later they basically announce a forum-member-only open sale for it!

I don’t know what the reaction to this is in China, but I’d be very, very pissed-off if a company pulled that here in America.

But no matter what country, no company should jerk people around like that.

I can’t encourage this behavior, so I’m not even going to link to their forum post. This is disgusting.

Previously here:

Shock! Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System Android/Windows 8.1


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6 responses to “Teclast Dual-System X98 Air 3G: The Scam

  1. highwind

    Xiaomi and OnePlus marketing ftw! xD

    Could you find out if it is real “Dual-Boot” or if it is just some kind of lame virtualization?

    • Others in Comments here say it’s virtualization. Since it’s just beginning to get in the hands of people, full details will eventually be revealed in their reports.

  2. highwind

    Thanks, please keep us updated if you know anything definite

  3. Lelouch235

    While interesting, I don’t feel the need for dual boot. I am however having a hard time finding this tablet (Z3736F version) with official windows pre-installed and working 3G for sale.
    I am sorry for not contributing to the current topic, but considering the number of times your blog comes up while googling teclast, I believe you are more than qualified to answer.
    Would you please share some info as to where it may be possible to buy currently or in the near future ? (Preferably around 200 usd, payment via PayPal and DHL delivery)
    Thank you in advance for your answer and once again I apologize if this is not the right place for this comment.

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