iFive MX2: Photos, First Review


The 5Fans forum has some beauty shots of the box and the tablet [Google Translate].


IMP3Net is the first one to review it [Google Translate].

It charges via USB, which makes it awkward to run off AC while plugging something — keyboard, mouse, flash drive — into USB. This is the same issue the first-generation Dell Venue 8 Pro had.

Battery life is not very good:

Ifive MX2 performance on battery life is not very good, it built a 7000mAh capacity battery, but the larger power full HD screen, if the open Wi-Fi Internet use, some can persist four hours, while the off Wi-Fi, carried only a simple office processing applications, can reach more than five hours of time, that ifive MX2 with conventional notebook battery life performance closer.

Previously here:

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