iPad Air 2: 60,000-Range AnTuTu!

Whoa. Weibo communiqué:





Apple fanboiz have dismissed AnTuTu in the past. But now that the iPad Air 2 outscores all Android tablets, will they begin to use this as a cudgel against Android users?

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5 responses to “iPad Air 2: 60,000-Range AnTuTu!

  1. MocciJ

    Is the lack of memory expansion still a deal breaker for you?

  2. I wonder how much Apple paid Antutu.

    • Since Lei Jun of Xiaomi has money in AnTuTu Labs, I doubt any payola was involved.

    • Fred M

      This is likely accurate, given that the A8X chip has 3 CPU cores and 1 billion more transistors than A8 chip, which has 2 billion transistors. For reference, Intel i7 Haswell 4 core with GPU is under 2 billion transistors. This makes it probably the largest SOC available.

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