Lei Jun + Mark Zuckerberg

And why did he learn Chinese?

Weibo communiqué:


Bing Translator:

The night before, Mark Zuckerberg and I talked for about two or three hours, focused on internationalization mode of millet and millet. Millet pattern is the product of social media, millet patterns is the core of the user’s word of mouth, social media can help WOM, millet entered the international market, how to use Facebook as a platform is our challenge.

Interestingly, while Zuckerberg speaks to China in Chinese, Nadella of Microsoft uses English. Intel has local representatives for China, but their CEO also uses English.

China is the Flavor Of The Month just as Japan once was. And given that things moved from Japan to South Korea and then to China, it’s interesting that South Korea was never Flavor Of The Month.

In terms of worldwide political chess, Russia was supposed to be what China is now. The money poured in there but was gobbled up by a black hole of corruption and negligence. China had the discipline to seize the opportunity.

I hope Xiaomi doesn’t bet big on Facebook when entering the American market. There are many savvy people who stay the hell off that place (I’m one of them). I don’t know if Xiaomi is active on Facebook in other areas. In China, they’re very active on Weibo, with Lei Jun himself sometimes posting close to midnight! Xiaomi also has its own forums (which are hell for outsiders to try to keep up with; a single thread can get hundreds and hundreds of posts in a week) and was smart to create ones in English too.

Zuckerberg recently spoke with Samsung too, leading some to wonder if a Facebook Phone II is on the way. I hope Xiaomi isn’t suckered into that dead-end. Facebook is a service — basically an app, period. There’s no way in hell it requires a full phone. Just look at the flop the Amazon Fire Phone has been.


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