Nobis Tablet Shows Up At Staples

Surprise, surprise!










That’s an Allwinner A31s-based tablet. AnTuTu in the 12,000-range or so (although a guy at YouTube with a similar tablet gets 15,000-range with just 512MB of RAM … Cheating Inside?).

Last time I posted about this tablet, it was US$79.99. Now it’s US$99.99. A premium for actually being in a store?

I wonder if this will be Staples’ Black Friday blowout special — for US$49.99? Ya think?

There’s some discussion of the tablet here. It seems it has a problem many China tablets have: A tendency to lock up and stay like that. Also, someone mentions it can’t be rooted. I’m pretty sure there are Allwinner root methods out there — but will they work with this tablet?

Anyway, I’d still like to see a demo model, even if it’s locked in a demo animation.


Nobis NB7850 page at Bidwell Technologies
Nobis Tablet at Staples

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  1. Kate R.

    Mine locked up in the android boot screen and stayed that way. Customer Service was dicey — for two weeks, calling daily, all operators were on with other callers — please leave a message – and the mailbox was full. Finally spoke to “Jack” who told me to send an email with name/model#, date of pruchase etc. and someone would get back to me within 48 hours. Two days later, I’ve not heard from anyone so I call back. It is obviously an overseas call center and this guy wants me to mail it to them. My trust level with this company is non-existant right now. Stay Away!!!! I’m filing a consumer affairs complaint tomorrow.

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