Chuwi Announces 8.9-Inch Tablet

In a string of Weibo communiqués I won’t reprint, Chuwi announced the V89:


The specs:


It’s listed on Chuwi’s site.

And there’s a pre-order page at China Jingdong [Google Translate].

Previously here:

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3 responses to “Chuwi Announces 8.9-Inch Tablet

  1. Yandu

    Kinda resembles the teclast x89, and the 64gb its good. I really want an 8 inch tablet with 64gb but will have to wait for price and if other companies release one with the z3736f.

  2. Shadowcek

    Any info about android? I am quite sad. There is quite a lot of android tablets with flashable windows but once a tablet comes with windows, you almost never have the option to switch.

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