Thanks For Nothing, Moron Politicians


It should have been stopped in Africa. There should have been an All Hands On Deck response from the start.

WHO’s pathetic self-centered weeping about its response being “inadequate” doesn’t bring back the thousands who died horrible deaths that could have been prevented.

The WHO, the UN agency designated with coordinating international response to disease outbreaks, missed chances to prevent Ebola from spreading when it was first diagnosed last spring, thanks to incompetent staff, a lack of information and bureaucracy due to “politically motivated appointments”, the report says. “Nearly everyone involved in the response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall,” said the report, obtained by the Associated Press. “A perfect storm was brewing.” The WHO refused to comment on the draft report.



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2 responses to “Thanks For Nothing, Moron Politicians

  1. Ric Day

    This was inevitable.

    Aside from the utter incompetence of WHO, there are also these issues:

    No one in power in the West really cares about mass deaths in black Africa.

    Black Africans mostly cannot afford to pay what big pharmaceutical companies and big medical groups would charge, so there has been no real incentive to develop medicine to accelerate a cure.

    The general response has been to send some money and not be too bothered if it gets “diverted” by corrupt officials because we can say “we tried to help but the blacks screwed up.”

    I wonder what would happen if Liberian patients with US passports (there are lots of Liberians with those passports) started flying to the US in large numbers? The US couldn’t send them back.

    What a mess.

    • And I live in the one place with the biggest American Liberian population. It’s called “Little Liberia” and I’ve walked through it on my way to one of my doctors. Such fun.

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