ZTE Zmax Now US$199.99


A post at XDA Developers alerted me to this:

Best Buy

It’s been US$249.99 through T-Mobile, which had an exclusive on it at launch. And, according to the post, T-Mobile has said they will price match.

Over at XDA, they’ve been raving about the phone in this thread. At post time, it’s sixteen pages long. Most of it filled with praise for the phone and anguish over the lack of rooting method.

In terms of low-priced unlocked phones, this seems to be the best, surpassing those of Blu for the same price, with an AnTuTu score in the 18,000 range (basically the score of the best 2013 China iPad Mini clone). It’s questionable, however, if a rooting method will be found and if it’ll ever get an upgrade to Android 5.0.

And, as is usual in tech, ZTE just announced the ZTE V5 Max, with better specs at a lower price. It’s unknown if it’ll work with T-Mobile, however.

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