China Tablets & Tech, Briefly

Most of the action these days takes place on Weibo.

Since monitoring Weibo, I’ve discovered a lot of the material I used to read on tech sites originated on Weibo. So the tech sites themselves don’t take that much time to look at these days, unless an actual review of a tablet that interests me is published.

It’s Weibo that now takes hours and hours and hours and eats up my life.

So, briefly:

IMP3Net runs press material from Teclast about an app store they’ve set up for their Intel x86-based tablets [Google Translate].

IMP3Net also runs press material about the Vido M11 Pro tablet [Google Translate].

PadHz puts everyone to shame with a whole bunch of beauty shots of the upcoming Hisense Vidaa Pad [Google Translate].

Finally, anyone interested in the iFive MX2 Windows 8.1 tablet should monitor this 5Fans forum for it, where user reports are beginning to appear [Google Translate]. This is not a tablet that interests me.


PC Online has a review of the Huawei Play Band (use Chrome; photos don’t come through Google Translate with Firefox). This seems very promising and another site said it’s actually about US$65 in price. But since Huawei has abandoned the American market due to spying accusations, most of us can only see this one from afar.

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  1. Bookmarked – and thanks.

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