Hisense Vidaa Pad: Thinnest Android Tablet?

Weibo communiqué:


Same-day update: Images replaced with larger ones. Click to enlarge.







That looks gorgeous. But there’s no word on specs yet.

Thanks to cngadget.


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7 responses to “Hisense Vidaa Pad: Thinnest Android Tablet?

  1. Mario

    I thought the new Dell tablet is the thinnest in town.

  2. I think this the same Sero 8 Pro tablet the we saw demoed a few weeks ago. Back then it had a RK 3288, with a ‘Retina’ resolution and

    • Before I heard of this Sero tablet, I was wondering if this would have an RK3288 in it. We should know soon, officially. The thing with China is that products that are previewed sometimes don’t match what’s released. And there’s still no A80-based iPad Mini clone (despite Onda once teasing one…).

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