Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System User Reports

Weibo communiqué:



Unfortunately, Teclast has not segregated posts about the dual-system Air 3G. They’re all dumped into the general Air 3G forum (use Chrome or drop link into Bing Translator).

There are just a few I’m going to point to. Those interested in buying this tablet will have to dig deeper.

This post is a brief tutorial of the dual system.

This post reveals the virtualization method being used is by Intel:

Mai micro dual system software using Intel’s latest hardware virtualization features (VT-x, EPT, etc.), its CPU, memory, disk, network performance can reach more than 85% with the specifications of the physical machine, and the performance of Bochs emulator is quite different. If you know the landlord should know the words cloud computing, virtualization technology has a very large-scale application in the server space. Our company is committed to the most advanced virtualization technology to the mobile intelligent terminal equipment to meet the diverse needs of users!

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This post says that Windows software is “excruciatingly slow” — boldfaced red in the original. Teclast says that aside from the camera, video playback, and 3D games, most Windows software — such as the Office suite — should run fine. However, as will be seen later, this is not the case.

This post is a complete unboxing, with photos, of the user’s experience.

This post — which like several others is locked — points to a video at Tudou that indicates some activity under virtualized Windows is indeed “excruciatingly slow.”

In other posts, it’s revealed that the GPU isn’t yet being used under Windows virtualization, so some things will be slow.

This seems to me more of a proof of concept tablet than a practical tablet. Anyone interested in buying it should not expect top-notch performance in Windows. Given that Teclast now offers tablets with Windows pre-installed, anyone needing Windows would do better buying one of those.

Perhaps Teclast will eventually get this all sorted out. Or maybe not. It’s too early to tell — and for people more interested in being productive instead of being adventurous, too early to buy.

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