Blog Notes: Xiaomi Overload!

I see that sometimes Xiaomi fills Weibo with lots of news.

I’m also seeing that I’m winding up with a blog that looks like it’s primarily about Xiaomi.

I’m going to handle this differently, starting tomorrow.

I’m going to try to combine all of the Xiaomi news into one post, when possible.

That will make finding something via Search a bit more work but I think it’d be better overall for the blog itself.

By the way, Weibo for Teclast, Onda, Five Technology, and most other tablet makers are checked first. So when Xiaomi posts pop on the blog, that means there’s no Weibo news from the others. It’s only after I’ve done Weibo that I go to the China tech sites.


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2 responses to “Blog Notes: Xiaomi Overload!

  1. highwind

    And I thought “xBlog” stand for “XiaomiBlog” xD
    Just a joke…thats a much appreciated change (atleast for me ;)

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