Thunderbirds Are Go Shown At BFI


Producers Take on Challenge of Rebooting Toon Classic ‘Thunderbirds’

Adapting half-century-old TV animation for today’s tastes can be tricky, but the makers of the “Thunderbirds” remake may have just pulled it off.

From the Thunderbirds Are Go Tumblr, we learn:

They wanted to stay true to the original vehicles, but they weren’t allowed to make an exact duplicate of the originals because of the rights of publication for the original crafts.

So all of Derek Meddings’ sexy organic curves had to be erased and turned into clunky masculine straight lines. Lawyers ruin everydamnthing.

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  1. Martin

    hahahah…love your last line.. level of expectations Mr Cane? mine are UP..Critics are good in general.

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