Three Videos: Teclast X98 3G Air


I posted one of his prior videos, in which he compared it to the Onda V975w.

It turns out he got rid of the Onda. It had poor battery life compared to the Teclast.


In the first video, he demonstrates multitasking viaa HDMI-out to a 1440p screen and winds up surprising himself when playing a 4K video.


In the second video, he gives his thought after using it for three weeks.

He keeps mentioning that it’s a two-hundred dollar tablet. I wish he wouldn’t do that. It makes it very hard to resist!

Anyway, his tablet started out with Android and he flashed it to Windows. It turns out over at XDA Developers there’s an entire set of English-language instructions for doing that. He thinks it runs better with Windows over Android. (Don’t forget that Teclast is now offering it with Windows pre-installed.)

Just when I begin to get excited over a tablet like this, reality strikes back:


After receiving the tablet I came to the conclusion that the tablet will freeze (randomly) if I play a game or watch a youtube video for instance. The crashlog shows gpu errors and I am 99,9% sure that the tablet has a broken gpu or broken RAM memory. Either way the tablet I received is DOA and I am returning it to TinyDeal. Probably a fault from Teclast. Their tests in production have probably passed my tablet, but this is a very sneaky error. (and maybe even a fault from Intel or the RAM memory manufacturer)

I think he got a bad unit that somehow passed QC. I haven’t read of anyone complaining about YouTube(!) freezing the tablet.

But that’s what buying a Chinese tablet is: Placing a bet that you won’t wind up with a lemon!

Next-day update: In Comments, Emrah Orhan Mutku points to a post at XDA Developers where the same guy gets a replacement tablet for the defective one and raves about it. That story has a happy ending, but buying a tablet from China is still placing a bet.

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19 responses to “Three Videos: Teclast X98 3G Air

  1. MocciJ

    “But that’s what buying a Chinese tablet is: Placing a bet that you won’t wind up with a lemon!”
    This is exactly why I’ll never buy such tech outside Europe anymore. The problem isn’t with the QC itself – even Apple had to deal with huge issues on that – but with how to deal with faulty tablets. The support is almost non existant, and once you give a middleman money, this money vanishes. Tech can break everytime, and broken tech is useless tech, no matter how powerful. I’m pretty sure that there are honest chinese sellers indeed, but the odds are way too high – it’s still a 3 way spedition.

  2. highwind

    I followed the XDA threads for quite some time now and it seems that this is infact an individual case (had asked many people to do the stuff which made his tablet freeze/reboot and no one else was experiencing anything similar).

    Nevertheless I feel that this is still the best tablet available… and lets face it: Even IF (and thats a big if) one is faulty AND you dont get your monkey back AND you have to buy a second one, they are still way cheaper than a single iPad Air 3G

    • Moccij

      It’s way cheaper because you are comparing two very different approaches to the same tech. I’m now using an iPad Air, and had a v975w in my hands. Apart from the evident fault and the fact that nobody still had refunded me, the quality gap between the two is huge. The v975w (and arguably any other cheap 4:3 9.7inch retina tablet) uses rejected screens by LG, and it shows off in things like backlight bleeding and expected screen life. The overall quality of the chassis was low. The whole tablet was curved! While I understand that for some those are acceptable defects, you get what you pay for. And don’t forget to add in the custom taxes – here in Italy that’s a 22% more expensive.
      Please don’t let the inexpensiveness blind you. The iPads are obviously priced a little bit higher of what they’re worth BUT It completely pays off. Those Chinese tablets are NOT worth double their price, even with those appealing features like sd reader and hdmi out and windows.

  3. Eric

    This Teclast X98 3G Air NOT COMING with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. Only with Android 4.4 and with Windows 8.1 key..

  4. Emrah Orhan Mutku

    Mike, the second tablet he bought, seems just PERFECT, no such problems anymore. Maybe you would like to add this post as a new UPDATE.

  5. I found a way to dual boot by flashing the bios every time, I wonder how dangerous this is?

  6. giouncino

    From one of the video posted, boot time seems close to 35-36 seconds… These are boot time of older tablets with rk3188, it’s quite dissappointing, keeping in mind that just the cube talk 9x bootup time is 25sec and pipo p1 is even faster with a lighning fast 19 seconds. I supposed that this z3xxx could do better in bootup!

  7. giouncino

    I do it EVERY day!

    • Really? Why don’t you use Standby or Hibernate?

      • giouncino

        In standby every tablet uses a little bit of power and keeping the tablet in standby for 8+ hours I thinks it’s not a good idea.
        Furthermore my old Pipo m6pro (and all older pipo tablet with 3G) in standby do not go into deep sleep mode, then overnight will use 10-15% of battery, for Pipo P1 and latest pipo models they still have issues in standby and battery drain overnight is between 5-10%.

        It’s a good idea to be SURE that a chinese tablet has a reliable standby state, because many chinese brands use tricks to freeze battery state during a false “standby” in such a way that as soon as you switch on a tablet from a long stand by you will see 0% of battery drain, but after 5 – 10 minutes you will see a fast decrease in battery percentage of about 5 – 10% and even more.

      • Thanks for clarifying.

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