“Landed. Killed Germans. Fucked Off.”

Kill without mercy, party like there’s no tomorrow: Churchill’s secret band of fearless warriors broke hearts, rules — and the Nazis’ spirit

In Italy in 1945, one regular officer told Lassen that he and his wild bunch were a disgrace. What, he thundered, would the enemy think of them, if they were found not just dead, but unshaven? It is certainly true he was no respecter of bureaucratic authority. After every raid, he and other key commanders were supposed to file an operational report. But he detested all such paperwork and his reports famously consisted of no more than five words: ‘Landed. Killed Germans. F***ed off.’

Now there’s a book I want to read.

But as seems to be usual for book publishing, it’s out of print and also not available as an eBook.

Thanks to @kinseyholley for the tip



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11 responses to ““Landed. Killed Germans. Fucked Off.”

  1. Eric

    I have a book called Memoirs of a British Agent by RH Lockhart. It tells of him wasting away in a plantation in Indonesia I think them going home and joining the Foreign Office. Another book I read about the S.O.E. Mentioned a shadowy figure called Lockhart who was the F.O. liaison with S.O.E.

    The Lockhart book is excellent. My copy is reprinted April 1936.

    The blurb under the title reads: Being an account of the Author’s early life in many lands and of his official visit to Moscow in 1918.

    • Due to the way publishing rights are assigned, I can’t buy a Kindle book other than from the U.S. store. But it’s great to know it exists in e. Perhaps they’ll bring it to the U.S. soon. Thanks.

    • Martín

      You know, this simple post show how many people care about what you being doing all along ..trying to help , is a way to give you back some of the hard work you do for us every day..

  2. Eric

    The Secret Warrior book is defineately geo restricted. I am in Australia and we are usually bundled with the UK for copyright purposes.

    I was not allowed to purchase the Amazon.co.uk kindle book. I checked the standard US amazon.com and it is there and allowed me to purchase.

    Perhaps a letter to the publisher and author might help?

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