Teclast Adds Second International Seller

I don’t know when this was added to their English-language site:


Going there leads to some head scratching.


The same tablet, but two wildly different prices (even when the discount is factored in).

And going to each listing only makes everything more confusing.

The first listing:


The second listing:


So… what’s the real price? I don’t know and wasn’t about to click further.

And then there’s this:


That listing:


As stupid-crazy high as that price is, it’s at least one price, not a range.

Looking at the delivery methods is just depressing. Delivery time is twenty to sixty days. That’s ridiculous. The American FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires thirty-day delivery for mail and online orders — with the requirement that a seller fully refund the price if delivery is not made within thirty days if the buyer doesn’t agree to an extension. Good luck trying that here!

If Teclast thinks this is a good way to sell its tablets, then that company has its head up its ass.

1) There should be a single price.

2) Who the seller is should be made clear.

3) Better delivery methods have to be found so that a product arrives within a week.

And the English-language Jingdong site is also disappointing. It’s not been updated with the latest Teclast tablets — nor has Teclast’s own English-language site.

Really, having to wait up to sixty days for a “bargain” tablet is just no damn bargain, no matter how it’s looked at.

Teclast has lots of work to do.


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17 responses to “Teclast Adds Second International Seller

  1. highwind

    mhhh, dont see your problem here…

    just click on one of the bundle options (right beneath the shipping options) to get the actual price for that option… should be obvious that “tablet alone” is cheaper than “tablet + case + sd card”.
    this “from – till” with different options is a very common way for offerings on aliexpress.

    if you want faster delivery you have to chose DHL express from the shipping options… thats also very common for ordering stuff from china: “snail mail” is usually free, express pays extra fee.

    why should China care for “American FTC”? USA doesnt care for the Eurpean law, which forces seller to give 24 month warranty on pretty much everthing, neither…
    aliexpress has escrow system (compareable to paypal) which offers money back if you didnt receive stuff within 6 weeks and from my experience it works well

    • Thanks for the clarification. As for the EU laws, American companies have been compelled to comply with them — lucky Europeans!

      To you — or anyone else reading this — what does DHL usually cost to the U.S. from China?

  2. Mariner

    I’ve actually ordered my X98 Air 3G from this company. The variation in price depends on the options selected. The basic tablet alone or the various ‘bundles’ on offer. Select which bundle you want and the applicable price is shown.

    Note, the most expensive price apparently includes a full licence of Windows 8.1 as well.

      • Mariner

        No problem. Believe it or not, I actually opted for this seller because they ship by a much slower service!

        In the past, I’be purchased phones and tablets from Aliexpress sellers who shipped by DHL and, every time I have (3 occasions), I’ve been stung for import duty.

        Apparently, DHL are very keen on making sure duty is paid.

        Anecdotally, I’ve heard that shipments by China Post/Singapore Post are less likely to incur this import duty. As I’m not in any great rush to receive the tablet, I’m sort of hoping to be able to save a few quid by waiting a few weeks longer!

        It would also be nice if a more stable/solid Android and Win 8.1 release was available by the time the tablet eventually arrives!

      • Leo

        I concur with what Mariner says about DHL and import duties. Always agree a ‘price’ that goes down on the shipment details with the seller before purchasing too (pretty much every Chinese seller will comply – viva corruption!). This will usually avoid import duties.

  3. One is the x98 Air and the other is the x98 3G.
    This http://www.aliexpress.com/item/9-7-Teclast-X98-3G-Intel-Bay-Trail-T-Quad-Core-Tablet-PC-1-83GHz-Retina/1862203196.html
    is their main listing with almost 1000 orders. The listing used to sell the x98 Air Win, than the x98 Air 3G was added, than the x98 Air II Win replaced the x98 Air Win. On that listing X98 Air II Win costs only $210. There is a faster 7 day shipping but it costs $18. From Russian forums, they say the free shipping doesn’t take more than 30 days even with the horrible Russian postal system. The 60 days is probably just in case something happens at customs.

  4. Alan


    I found this place as well

    [seller redacted]

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