Google Books PDF Test: Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

Frustrated in my quest to find a Nexus 9 in any store to test, I did a What The Hell test on the Fire HDX 8.9 tablet.


And people say the Nexus 9 is overpriced:


This joint:


Abyss opened in the Silk browser:


The Fire tries to show a progress bar …


… but evidently the filesize is not being picked up by its Silk browser, so the bar is really useless. I could never tell how much of a file had been downloaded or the time to finish.

Abyss opened in the unknown built-in PDF reader:


I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of PDF reading software or speed.

As far as Abyss went, I very, very pleasantly surprised by the speed:

But something weird happened.

Here is Abyss opened in the Silk browser:


And here it is opened in the unknown PDF reader:


I have no idea what’s happening there, that a “t” was dropped! I noticed it at the time too. See the video again and I go back to that page to make sure I wasn’t seeing things or having a screen drawing issue.

So The People of the Abyss was really impressive.

But then came Surface Japan:

One of these days I will figure out why Surface Japan is such a pain in the ass on most devices and most PDF reading software.

I tried to do the full 290MB version of The American Magazine, but without being to tell the download time, I gave up.

I’m not a fan of the Fire HDX 8.9 tablet. To make it useful, I’d have to study XDA Developers and see about totally replacing the lame built-in firmware. That’s not something that’s appealing to me.

Previously here:

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  1. John

    It’s the year 2025. Most of humanity had succumbed to ebola, but not Mike. He was one of the early buyers of the Xiaomi MiBand, which kept the wearer alive. Mike takes his ZTE Zmax out of his pocket and thinks to himself 伟大的电话. He became fluent in Chinese after years of translating Weibo pages. Mike tries to look up the nearest Apple store, then remembers that a buggy WordPress update killed most of the www a couple years back. Still determined Mike makes his way to an abandoned Best Buy, walking by a newsstand. An old New York Times frontpage has a picture of Tom Frieden with the caption “Don’t worry, guys”. Mike enters the Best Buy. The TVs on display play Thunderbirds on loop. Suddenly Mikes MiBand starts beeping, “battery low”, he forgot to charge it this morning. Its too late to turn back now, he came here for a mission. Mike heads for the final tablet out of 1435 he didnt try his Google Books PDF Test on yet. He barely manages to load the pdf onto the tablet before he drops to the ground from exhaustion. Just as the loading bar is reaching the end, Mike takes his last breath. He dies happy.

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