Surprise! Xiaomi To Get Into CPUs After All

On October 31, PadNews (among other sites) ran a story about Xiaomi getting involved with CPUs [Google Translate]. Xiaomi denied the story.

Now it’s November 6 and BAM!



There’s a story here [Google Translate].

The company is controlled by the core technology of obtaining technology licensing, [Xiaomi] is expected to develop its own 4G mobile phone chips. Because [Xiaomi] Founded just four years, less accumulated associated with communications technology, buy technology licensing patents to make up the short board, accelerate the development process in the most efficient way.

Others who follow telecom equipment can tell you that China has a plan to dominate 4G — or maybe it’s 5G — worldwide. Xiaomi’s move is probably to take advantage of that.

It’s going to be a very interesting future. Chinese technology versus American technology.

And for those of you who scoff, remember that Xiaomi hired Hugo Barra away from Google. Eventually, Chinese companies will hire any damn Americans they want and dominate technology. All of the numbers are on their side.


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