Google Books PDF Test: iPad Air 2, Guest Test 2

Thanks to Bram Ueffing, who posted two new tests to YouTube, this time using a camera.

See them after the break.

They’re both sideways. I ripped the 720p version using the DownloadHelper Firefox extension then opened them in vlc Player and went to Tools -> Effects and Filters -> Geometry and rotated them 90-degrees to watch.

Surface Japan:

290MB full version of The American Magazine:

Wow. That performance is amazing, especially on The American Magazine in Documents.

The iPad Air 2 can finally do what I want. But will it be the tablet I choose? I don’t know yet.

There’s still some merit to the argument of going cheap with a China tablet, even though buying one is placing a bet.

Previously here:

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10 responses to “Google Books PDF Test: iPad Air 2, Guest Test 2

  1. It’s a tough choice isn’t it? That’s why i became addicted to your blog, providing all these new options that you have become a gateway to. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the results of your efforts here. And to be honest I hope you never find the perfect tablet so it’ll keep going ;)

    The biggest reason for me to turn to an iPad is the continued software support that a company like Apple provides, where a China tablet could be replaced with a newer model within a few months, never coming to it’s full potential and not receiving much love thereafter.

    One small thing I noticed about rendering: ‘Documents’ renders the glyphs slightly less crispy than the others, especially noticable when pages are not zoomed. It’s not a huge difference though.

  2. I completely agree with Bram. I don’t know why you would consider buying something that might stand a good chance of becoming an orphan product without a minimum of support/updates.

    Unless of course you’re thinking the price of a Chinese tablet will soon be so low you could throw it away every year and buy a new one, but that doesn’t sound like you.

  3. manu

    It sure looks impressive, I did some tests with my Teclast X98 Air 3G and it was not as smooth but it *was* usable. I also got the iFive Mini 4 recently that is nice too but subjectively less smooth than the Teclast. For PDF reading I’m using Moon+ Reader (and pdf plug in). I may try another software to compare smoothness.

  4. definitio

    I personally find myself loving PDF MAX, especially for ease of annotation…also good for reading but it still does not have an “autocrop” feature.

    Tried other ones, they were consuming to many resources and didn’t have the ease of use and direct access to tools like PDF MAX.
    Also some PDF reading and editing tools out there provide horrible formatting when opened in a desktop pc…not PDF MAX

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