Pipo W4 And Chuwi V89 Get Reviews


IMP3Net does the Pipo W4 [Google Translate]. This is US$81. IMP3Net says it does have an IPS screen (although brightness is very low). Charging is via USB; there’s no separate charging port.

I have to say that if a tablet like this turned up in a brick and mortar store in the U.S. for US$99, I’d be very tempted to buy it. At the very least it could be a “toilet tablet,” for those times when I have to be away from the notebook but still have to do something (such as watching a video or reading a review or keep up with breaking news on Twitter). (And yes, I see the Toshiba eight-inch Windows tablet keeps dropping in price — but I’ve had bad experiences with Toshiba products.)


ZOL does the Chuwi V89 [Google Translate]. This sells for about US$212 for 2GBs of RAM and 64GBs of internal storage, quite a price jump from the Pipo W4! The build refelcts the price, with it looking like something recent from Ramos (which overall looks something like from Samsung). Plus, there’s a SIM slot for (China-compatible-only guaranteed) 3G. This is more of a business-style tablet.

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10 responses to “Pipo W4 And Chuwi V89 Get Reviews

  1. giouncino

    if a pipo device with a price of 200+$ is totally crappy, I can’t image how awful could be a pipo with a price less than 100$…

    • With the W4 — and other such Intel-Inside tablets — a lot of the engineering is actually done by Intel. They design the board and just about give a turnkey device to a partner like Pipo. So it’s vastly different from all-China design in that way. As for longevity, it’s too early to tell. And there’s always the battery to consider; what quality is it?

      • giouncino

        You’re right if you consider only the mainboard, but there are other components: I’ve opened Pipo tablets and all antennas are badly hand soldered (sometimes short-circuited too), antenna quality and used coax cable are really awful (this lead to impossibility to use GPS, problems with wifi connections and so on), 3G modules were often malfunctioning.
        And the other important component in portable devicse is the battery, as you correctly wrote.

      • Ugh. That bad antenna assembly is Pipo’s own factory too, I think.

  2. The Pipo W4 arrived a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and build quality at its low price point (US $110 delivered). Sure, it has an all plastic exterior case…but it’s not flimsy. Two 2 plastic buttons (power and volume rocker) are probably its weakest point…but I find them OK. Screen is IPS 1280×800 and quite good…certainly at this price. Battery life is also acceptable. After 2 days of use I bought another for my parents.

    The biggest surprise…very few professional reviews to date. What gives?

  3. christopher Boyd

    I have spent a couple of days trying to use the PIpo W4 and have given up. The touch screen maybe works one in 10 times. I will return it or bin it….I am very unhappy with it. Amazon tell me I can not return it as it has flammable gases in it. Is that so? It is not fir for purpose.

  4. jean-pierre Bourdillon

    I would like to respond to mikane regarding the Chewy VX3 which he reviewed quite negatively a few months ago,I have been using it for 7 weeks now and it has become my all-purpose work horse.Well it is extremely stable and reliable,it is fast,multitasks like a charm and the phone function is excellent,as for the pictures they are satisfactory but I am not an authority on the subject.Let me tell you that ,over the years I have had numerous tablets, phablets and smart phones and so far this one because it is so convenient and so sturdy and such a good machine altogether
    that it is way ahead of all the others in its category
    this makes it the best vaue for money one on the market

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