Xiaomi Miscellany

Colors coming to Xiaomi phones too?



Xiaomi released its social media handbook (use Chrome or copy/paste text into Bing Translator). It’s rendered into near incomprehensibility by machine translation. But I think even a clear English-language version wouldn’t be understood by many in Corporate America. It’s antithetical to their business practices.

A bit more MiBand pr0n from several Weibos.

A special APEC blue-colored wristband:


Halloween engraving:


Bruce Lee engraving, Single’s Day Special:



The latest Xiaomi merch is a pillow:




I’ve seen some Apple elitists make fun of Xiaomi’s rabbit mascot and its merch. But I bet if I was able to peek into their homes, they’d have that rare Steve Jobs bobblehead, so they should STFU. A rabbit isn’t any more or less ridiculous than a damn fruit. Ever hear of Bugs Bunny?


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