Nexus 9: Four Devices On USB OTG


Wild video of the Nexus 9 powering five add-ons:

1) Unpowered 4-port USB adapter
2) USB mouse
3) USB keyboard
4) USB Flash drive
5) USB 1GB Samsung hard drive

See video after the break.

I’ve been so focused on microSD cards that I forgot all about using USB OTG to access files directly off my archive hard drive. That’s where I’d have to get the files from to put on a microSD card, so why not cut out the card middleman? Of course, that would limit me to internal storage … you can’t really win.

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4 responses to “Nexus 9: Four Devices On USB OTG

  1. Ravi

    Take a look at these:

    Nice, handy, super-portable external microSD readers. Pretty much does the job if all you’re using your microSD for is media (video/music/books/etc.).

  2. Adrian

    Hi. That’s very interesting, thank you very much. I tried to connect a USB stick to my Nexus 9 using ES file explorer and it doesn’t work. It says “failed to open the file” when I try to open usbxxxx in file explorer. It only works with a battery powered seagate wireless hard disk (connected via OTG cable). Am I doing something wrong? Why doesn’t it work for me. Thank you

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