Xiaomi’s “Big Move” — Price Cuts, New Tablet, MVNO, Or All Three?

Several Xiaomi Weibo accounts have been hyping “a big move” to be announced “live” on Weibo tomorrow (Monday, November 10):


There are bound to be some bargains for the 11/11 — Single’s Day — sale on Tuesday, but this all sounds like more than that.

Suddenly Lei Jun has an interest in what people have been calling the MiPad:


Is there to be a new tablet — that rumored cheap-ass one — with a different name?

And finally, iLevon — who seems to be the Designated Leaker — drops a bombshell. Xiaomi is already set up to be an MVNO in China and asks if people will switch from their current cell provider to a Xiaomi one if the rates are good:


Xiaomi as an MVNO would be a bold move. They’d be the first technology company of their kind to provide end-to-end service with a smartphone. That’s something Amazon, Apple, and Google were each rumored to do in the past but never did.

It also shows the way Xiaomi is going to operate. With China as its income base, does Xiaomi plan to eventually become an MVNO in other countries it enters?

If that’s the case, by the time they reach America, they might have enough in the bank to actually buy a carrier.

The American Congress already had fits over Huawei and ZTE networking equipment — how would they react to Xiaomi owning a mobile phone company? One that might even use equipment from Huawei and ZTE?

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