China Tablets: 1Pad Disses Almost All Of Them!

Whoa [Google Translate]:

If the budget is less than a thousand dollars, in fact, there are many big-name tablet to choose from, such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, and Huawei, the difference between these brands and some domestic brands may not be apparent in the short term, but after After several months of use, the gap between the two immediately apparent, the domestic flat all kinds of strange problems will ensue, but the most prominent problem with the battery, so you have plans to buy a domestic low-cost tablet PC, You have to be prepared to handle the psychological preparation of various incurable diseases.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So, who should I believe?

Those who have bought from China and have had OK experiences?

Or those who report on China tablets, inside China, and have experience with many more of them?


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5 responses to “China Tablets: 1Pad Disses Almost All Of Them!

  1. Leo

    This is why I decided not to solely focus on raw performance when choosing a Chinese tablet but on other factors; build quality, battery life, ROM quality etc.

    My Talk 9x has for the most part been excellent. Solid performer (not stellar but I’m not a gamer on these), the ROM is stable (using a freaktab mod) but crucially the battery is absolutely mighty, just the other day I did a calibration test and with everything on and cpu 100% it lasted over 10 hours.

  2. You said “disses *almost* all of them”…
    Which (few) ones do they approve?

  3. Ric Day

    In the days when I lived and worked in Asia, it was standard for makers to ship their “best” products to Europe and America, and sell the rest locally. Today I suspect the importers may be requiring better batteries.

    • Some tablets manage to escape China by being picked up under other brand names, like the iFive Mini 3GS and 4 did under the Haier brand. In other markets that happens too, but never under brand names that are known outside of their local market. I wonder how Haier did with those iFive tablets?

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